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Latest News

Congrats Dan! 5/10/18

Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Agocs on successfully defending his thesis!

New Publication! 5/21/18

Congrats to Max on publishing "Electrodeposited thin-film CuxSb anodes for Li-ion batteries: enhancement of cycle life via tuning of film composition and engineering of the film-substrate interface" in Journal of Materials Chemistry A. [Link]

New Publication! 3/12/18

Congrats to Amy on publishing "Women in Inorganic Chemistry: Synthetic Chemistry Addressing Challenges in Energy and the Environment" in ACS Inorganic Chemistry. [Link]

New Publication! 1/25/18

Congrats to Max and Lasantha on publishing "Synthetic Control of Quinary Nanocrystals of a Photovoltaic Material: The Clear Role of Chalcogen Ratio on Light Absorption and Charge Transport for Cu2–xZn1+xSn(S1–ySey)4" in ACS Appl. Energy Mater. [Link]

Welcome! 1/8/18

The Prieto group would like to welcome two new students to the lab: Amanda Kale and Christoper Rom.

Congrats Max! 9/20/17

Congratulations to Dr. Max Braun on successfully defending his thesis!

The Prieto Group's research was highlighted in a video here at Colorado State University, featuring graduate student Everett Jackson and undergraduates Scott Green and Amanda Townsend.