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Our laboratory space is located in the Chemistry building, Rooms C208 and C214. We have the capability to perform solid state reactions at elevated temperatures in many different atmospheres and thermal gradients using muffle and tube furnaces, forced convection ovens, and an arc melting furnace. The laboratory in C214 is dedicated to low-temperature and solution chemistry in both ambient and inert environments (e.g., Schlenk line and glove box).

C208, East side
C208, West side
C214, West side
Arc Melter

We also make extensive use of the Central Instrumentation Facility of the Chemistry Department for our analytical needs.
For more information about the extensive capabilities and resources within the CIF, please visit:

We primarily take advantage of the following equipment for our routine studies:
X-ray diffraction facilities
SQUID magnetometer
Thermal analysis
Electron microscopy