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group members

graduate students
Arnold Paecklar (2014–) neutron scattering and chemical education (joint with Prof. M Reynolds) apacklar@rams.colostate.edu
Ethan Emerson (2015–) aerosols (joint with Prof. D. Farmer) ethan.emerson@colostate.edu
Eve Mozur (2015–) hybrid inorganic-organic perovskites eve.mozur@colostate.edu
Paul Todd (2015–) low-temperature solid-state chemistry and energy storage paul.todd@colostate.edu
Jewels Fallon (2016–) low-temperature solid-state chemistry and magnetism Michelle.Fallon@colostate.edu
Alex Koegel (2017–) layered perovskites Alexandra.Koegel@colostate.edu
Chris Rom (2017–) low-temperature solid-state chemistry and energy storage (joint with Prof. A. Prieto) christopher.rom@colostate.edu
G. Thinh Tran (2018–) low-temperature solid state chemistry thinh.tran@colostate.edu
post-doctoral associates
Dr. Allison Wustrow (2019–) kinetic control and mechanisms in solid state chemistry allison.wustrow@colostate.edu
Julia Trowbridge, CSU (2016–) perovskite halides
Ben Wasinger, CSU (2018–) halide-based semiconductors
Jose Rivera, CSU (2019–) halide-based semiconductors
Cal Knebel, CSU (2019–) nitride-based solid-state chemistry

group alumni

graduate students
Victoria Combs (2016–2019) perovskite halides and crystal growth Denver School of Science and Technology
Dr. Annalise Maughan (2013–2018) Thesis: Defect Tolerance, Anharmonicity, And Organic-Inorganic Coupling In Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Semiconductors Directors' Postdoctoral Fellow, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Mary Marisa (2013–2018) Thesis: Understanding the crystallization pathway of synthetic bone mineral Teacher at Althoff Catholic High School
Dr. Andy Martinolich (2013–2017) Thesis: Kinetic Control of Solid State Metathesis Reactions California Institute of Technology (Resnick Postdoc)
Michael Tarne (2014–2017) Thesis: Compositional tuning, crystal growth, and magnetic properties of iron phosphate oxide Specialized Bicycles
Loryn Killpack (2014–2016) materials for energy (joint with Prof. A. Prieto) American Chiller
Greg Terho (2012–2014) frustrated magnetismAgilent
post-doctoral associates
Dr. Iain Oswald (2017–2019) hybrid inorganic-organic perovskites Abstrax Tech, Inc.
Dr. Josh Kurzman (2013–2015)local structure and disorder in redox active materials and magnetsPrieto Battery
Dr. Kate Ross (2014–2015)quantum magnetismCSU Physics Faculty
Erik Rognerud, CSU (2016–2018) low-temperature solid-state chemistry
Matt Gorman, CSU (2017–2019) photoconductivity
Hyochul Ahn, CSU (2018–2019) perovskite halides
Andrew Candia, CSU (2016–2017) perovskite halides
Alex Milder, Haverford College (REU 2016) perovskite halides
Kyle Peterson, CSU (2016) low-temperature solid-state chemistry
James Allen, CSU (2014–2016) novel approaches to oxide ceramics
Mohammed Almaker, CSU (2016–2016) perovskite halides
David Boyle, James Madison Univ. (REU 2016) low-temperature metathesis reactions
Juliette Granger, CSU (2015–2016) hybrid inorganic-organic materials
Mitchell Bordelon, CSU (2013–2016) correlated oxides
Geordan Brickey, CSU (2013–2014) catalytic solution preparation of materials

Prof. James R. Neilson

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James R. Neilson, Ph.D.
email: james.neilson - at - colostate.edu
phone: 970-491-2958 | lab phone: 970-491-3825
office: Chemistry C101
labs: Chemistry C208 and C214
department page: http://www.chem.colostate.edu/people/jrn/

mailing address:
Colorado State University
Department of Chemistry
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Fort Collins, CO 80523-1872