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Chen, Eugene Y.-X.:
John K. Stille Chair in Chemistry, Millennial Professor of Polymer Science and Sustainability.
BS/MS in Organic Chemistry, Shangrao Normal University/Nankai University;
PhD in Organometallic & Polymer Chemistry, University of Massachusetts;
Postdoc in Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry, Northwestern University;
Sr. Research Chemist to Project Leader, Dow Chemical Co.

Contact information:
Chemistry Research Building
Colorado State University
301 West Pitkin St.
Fort Collins, Colorado 80523-1872
Voice: (970) 491-5609

Elizabeth McCoy:
Administrative Assistant

Contact information:
Chemistry Building, C200
Voice: (970) 491-7602
E-mail: Elizabeth.McCoy@colostate.edu

Senior Personnel

Dr. Gowda, Ravikumar R.:
Research Scientist II (Ph.D. IIT Madras, India)

Dr. Zhu, Jianbo:
Research Scientist II (Ph.D. SIOC, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Dr. Tang, Xiaoyan:
Research Scientist II (Ph.D. CIAC, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Dr. Tsai, Chia-Hua:
Postdoctoral Fellow (Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University)
Dr. Zhang, Jianxin
Visiting Professor, Tianjin Polytechnic U. (Ph.D. Peking University)

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Graduate Students

First Year Ph.D. Students

Clarke, Ryan:
(B.S. University of Connecticut)
Gilsdorf, Reid:
(B.A. University of Colorado, Boulder)
Westlie, Andrea:
(B.S. University of St. Thomas)

Second Year Ph.D. Students

Cywar, Robin:
(B.S. University of Connecticut)
McGraw, Michael:
(B.S. South Dakota School of Mines and Technology)
Nicki, Matthew:
(B.S. University of Houston)
Watson, Eli:
(B.S. University of South Dakota)

Fourth Year Ph.D. Students

Wilson, Jedediah:
(B.S. Metropolitan State U-Denver)

Fifth Year Ph.D. Students

Tang, Jing:
(B.S. Nanjing University)

Exchange Student

Sangroniz, Ainara:
POLYMAT, University of the Basque Country, Spain.
Shi, Changxia:
Peking University, Beijing, China.

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Group Alumni

Group Affiliation Where Now
Wang, Lu:
Postdoctoral Fellow
(Ph.D. CIAC, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Research Chemist, Houston Methodist
Wang, Yang:
Research Associate & Visiting Professor
China Medical University
Associate Professor, China Medical University
Mou, Zehuai:
Postdoctoral Fellow
(Ph.D. CIAC, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Faculty, Ningbo University
Vidal-Peña, Fernando:
Ph.D. 2017
(B.S. University of Almeria)
Postdoctoral fellow, Rutgers U
Hong, Miao:
Research Scientist II
(Ph.D. CIAC, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Professor at Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry,
Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Chen, Jiawei:
Postdoctoral Fellow
(Ph.D. Rutgers University)
Columbia University
Zang, Hongjun:
Visiting Professor
Professor at Tianjin Polytechnic University, China
He, Jianghua:
Research Scientist I
(Ph.D. Jilin University, China)
Jilin University
Feng, Shuo (Kelvin):
M.S.(B.S. Tongji University)
Zhang, Yuetao:
Research Scientist I
Professor at Jilin University, China

Schimtt, Meghan:
M.S. (B.S. University of Kansas)
Liu, Dajiang:
Ph.D.(M.S. Tongji University)
Joint BioEnergy Institute,
Department of Energy
Xu, Tieqi:
Visting Professor & Postdoctoral Fellow
Associate Professor at Dalian University of Technology

Escude, Nicole:
M.S. (B.S. Biola University)
Dunn, Eric:
(B.S. North Carolina State University)
Chen, Xia:
Visiting Professor
(Shanxi University, China)
Professor at Shanxi University
Hu, Yangjian:
Visiting Scholar
(Ph.D. Sun Yatsen University, China)
Jung Yun Do:
Visiting Professor
(Pusan National University, South Korea)
Miyake, Garret:
Ph.D. (B.S. Pacific University)
Assistant Professor, Colorado State University

Gustafson, Laura:
(B.S. University of New Hampshire)
Ning, Yalan:
(BS & MS, Beijing Normal University)
Assistant Professor, Huston-Tillostson University
Logan Garner:
B.S., 2007
(Ph.D. Candidate, UC Santa Barbara)
Zhu, Hongping:
PDF, 2005-2007
(Ph.D., University of Göttingen, Germany)
Professor, Xiamen University;
Mariott, Wesley:
Ph.D., 2006
( B.S., Texas Lutheran University)
Dow Chemical Co.;
Rodriguez-Delgado, Antonio:
PDF, 2003-2005
(Ph.D., U. of East Anglia, UK)
Assistant Prof. CSIC, Spain;
Chakraborty, Debashis:
PDF, 2001
(Ph.D., U. of Göttingen, Germany)
Professor at IIT-Madras

Perlinger, Sarah:
REU, 2004
(Union University, TN)

Sterling, Robert: REU 2012 (Bringham Young University, Boise, ID)
Bolig, Andy: Ph.D., 2005 (Assistant Prof. San Francisco State; B.S., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
Cooney, Megan: B.S., 2002 (Colorado State University)
Jin, Jizhu: PDF, 2001-2002 (Chemical Abstract Service; Ph.D., CIAC, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Krebs, Andrew: B.S., 2004 (Eastman Kodak)
Kronholm, Ben: Graduate Student, 2006-2007 (B.S., University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Newton, Stacie: REU 2009 (Oklahoma Baptist University)
Schaab, Jakob: REU, 2009 (University of Stuttgart, Germany)
Swanson, Jeremy: REU, 2003 (St. Norbert College, WI)
Troyer, Lyndsay: Summer research, 2005 (Whitman College)

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