Lab Overview

The Henry Group is affiliated with the Department of Chemistry at Colorado State University. The focus of the group’s work is to develop microfluidic devices (Lab-on-a-Chip systems) for applications in environmental monitoring and biosensors. Current research projects include the development of paper-based and polymer-based microfluidic systems for colorimetric and electrochemical quantification of biologically- and environmentally-relevant analytes. Major techniques used in the Henry Group include microfabrication, chromatography, electrochemistry, and electrophoresis. Detailed information about current research projects can be found on the Research page.






Department of Chemistry and School of Biomedical Engineering

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

Principal Investigator: Dr. Charles Henry

Group News

Congratulations to Kat Boehle for winning Best in Show at CSU Ventures Demo Day for her oral presentation on detecting antimicrobial resistant bacteria infections!

Congratulations to Cody Carrell and Eka Noviana for their Graduate Teaching Assistant Awards for general chemistry labs!

Congratulations to Katrina Puck for receiving the Clifford C. Hach Memorial Scholarship!

Congratulations to Chloe Beardsley for receiving the ACS Hach Land Grant Scholarship and winning the Chemistry Early Acheivement Award!

Recent Publications

“Multiplex Paper-Based Colorimetric DNA Sensor Using Pyrrolidinyl Peptide Nucleic Acid-Induced AgNPs Aggregation for Detecting MERS-CoV, MTB, and HPV Oligonucleotides," Teengam, P.; Siangproh, W.; Tuantranont, A.; Vilaivan, T.; Chailapakul, O.; Henry, C. S. Anal. Chem., 2017, XXX, 1-8.

“Versatile Fabrication of Paper-Based Microfluidic Devices with High Chemical Resistance Using Scholar Glue and Magnetic Masks," Cardoso, T. M. G.; de Souza, F. R.; Garcia, P. T.; Rabelo, D.; Henry, C. S.; Coltro, W. K. T. Anal. Chim. Acta, 2017, XXX, 1-6.

“Boron Doped Diamond Paste Electrodes for Microfluidic Paper-Based Analytical Devices," Nantaphol, S.; Channon, R. B.; Kondo, T.; Siangproh, W.; Chailapakul, O.; Henry, C. S. Anal. Chem., 2017, 89, 4100-4107.


Multiple Industry Collaborations


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