Ferreira Research Group


Synthetic Methodology, Transition Metal Catalysis, and Natural Product Synthesis


Professor Ferreira has accepted an Associate Professor position at the University of Georgia! The group moved in August 2014!

April 2014- Paul successfully defended his dissertation. Congrats, Dr. Allegretti!

April 2014- The lab was awarded an R01 grant from the National Institutes of Health! We will

be using the funding to explore transformations of alkynes in complex molecule synthesis.

April 2014- Tarik receives Honorable Mention for the NSF Predoctoral Fellowship.

March 2014- Doug and  Zach’s full paper in Tetrahedron is now online!

March 2014- Undergraduate Jacob Gabbay joins the lab. Welcome!

March 2014- Curtis’s paper in Chemistry, A European Journal is now online!

Feb. 2014- Tarik is done with his candidacy exam. Well done!

Dec. 2013- First year students Phil Knutson and Francisco Sarabia join the lab. Welcome!

Dec. 2013- Brian and Erin’s paper in Org. Lett. is now online!

Nov. 2013- Suzie and Eric’s paper is online! It will appear in the 2014 Chemical Communications

special issue for emerging investigators.

Oct. 2013- Paul’s paper is published in JACS!

Sept. 2013- We have recently been awarded a collaborative grant from the NSF/EPA!

More information about the grant can be found here and here.

June 2013- Doug is the first Ph.D. to come out of the lab!  Congrats, Dr. Rooke!

June 2013- Nick, Doug, and Zach publish a paper in ACIEE!

May 2013- Zach Menard graduates from CSU with a B.S. in chemical engineering.  Congrats, Zach!

May 2013- Blaine receives an undergraduate research award!

May 2013- Suzie receives a departmental teaching award.  Congrats, Suzie!

Apr. 2013- Suzie and Tim pass their candidacy exams!

Mar. 2013- The 2nd Annual Corndog Queso Day was a success!

Mar. 2013- Eric’s paper is published in Org. Lett.

Dec. 2012- First year student Tarik Ozumerzifon joins the group. Welcome!

Dec. 2012- Paul’s paper is published in Chem. Sci!

June 2012- Doug’s paper on Hiyama Couplings is published in Org. Lett!

Mar. 2012- Undergraduate Blaine joins the lab. Welcome!

Feb. 2012- Brian passed his candidacy exam. Congrats, Brian!

Feb. 2012- Erin and Curtis’s paper on C-H activation is published Chem. Sci.

Feb. 2012- Doug’s paper is published in ACIEE!

Jan. 2012- First year graduate students Suzie Stevenson and

Timothy Dreier join the group. Welcome!

Nov. 2011- Dr. Nick Barczak joins the lab as a post-doc.  Welcome!

Oct. 2011- Erin successfully defends her Masters thesis!

Oct. 2011- Paul’s paper is published in Org. Lett!

July 2011- Incoming graduate student Monica joins the lab.

June 2011- REU student Phil joins the lab for the Summer.

May 2011- Undergraduates Zach and Angie join the lab.

Apr. 2011- Jacob received his M.S. Congratulations, Jacob!

Mar. 2011- Curtis passed his candidacy exam.  Congrats, Curtis!

Feb. 2011- Eric passed his candidacy exam. Congrats, Eric!

Jan. 2011- Graduate student Brian Knight joins the group.